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Everywhere I turn I get a sensory barrage,
But nothing sticks, it always turns into a fucking mirage.
I try to stay the course and follow the desired plan,
But right on cue comes something new to break my attention span.

They’re callin’
“Hey, you, standing there, what do ya see?”
All around, the million people cornering me.
“Whatcha gonna do about it?” I don’t know,
I want to look away, but it’s a hell of a show…

And all it does is
Distract, distract,
I don’t know how to react, react,
I just can’t tell the fiction from fact, in fact,
I’m killing time until the impact, so get back.

At night I try to get supposed comfort in my bed,
But man, I’ve got no switch to flip or plug to pull to stop the racing in my head.
The sea of thoughts is deep, but nothing seems to quench my thirst,
And all the while everyone is telling me to ready myself for the worst.

They’re shoutin’
“Hey, you, lying there, what do ya hear?”
The clamor of a million people ringing in my ear.
“Whatcha gonna do about it?” I can’t say,
I want it all to stop, but I can’t help but push play…

It’s only good to
Distract, distract,
I just can’t figure how to react, react,
The million people breathing down my back, will in fact,
Just bring me closer to the impact, so get back.

The million people gonna get their kicks
By trying to tell you how to get your fix,
They’ll be relentless ’til the job is done,
When you and they become a million and one.

They’re screamin’
“Hey, you, dying there, what do ya feel?”
It’s hard to say because I don’t know what is real.
“Whatcha gonna do about it?” Take my time,
And stop the million people before they commit their crime.

I won’t let them
Distract, distract,
This is how I’ll react, react,
The million people will feel the impact, and in fact,
The crowded world will have to step back, so get back!


from Place Holders EP, track released November 16, 2011




Random Variables Cambridge, Massachusetts

They may be children of the digital age, but Random Variables attempt to reconcile a vintage sound with modern sensibilities, both musically and lyrically. The band (Jeremy Denham, Suvesh Pratapa, and Jeff Moffett) is determined to write ambitious and poignant material about the increasing ways in which we connect and disconnect with each other, and how that chaos affects our generation. ... more

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